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Increase Hair Volume & Colour

Increase Hair Volume & Colour

  • Stop the Hair Loss Process
  • Promote the New Hair Growth
  • Stimulates the Micro Circulation
  • Affects 5α-reductase Inhibitors
  • Regulates The Production of Tallow
  • Nourishes The Hair Roots
  • Increases The Thickness of The Hair Strands
  • Rebuilds The Cuticles
  • Strengthens The Medulla
  • Makes The Hair Glossy
Increase Hair Volume & Colour

Hair Stem is a unique agent against hair loss, which fights the loss of hair and stimulates the new growth.

Hair Stem increases blood flow and aerates the scalp.

The product contains the exact composition of growth factors, vitamins, amino acids, and small molecules needed to optimize benefits from the body’s metabolism.

  • People who complain about their hair becoming sparse due to hair loss. Improve immune function
  • For people with thin and weak hair.
  • For people who had hair transplant operation and would like the newly-transplanted hair to be permanent for a long time.
  • For those who experience hair loss due to certain hormonal imbalances or stress.
  • For those whose hair does not look as shiny and healthy as it used to.