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Our highly qualified team are ready to assist you with an effective treatment plan developed specifically for you.

Stem cell therapy and other medicines focused to treat your illness and assist you achieve your health goals.

Medical solutions & advice based on years of experience in treatments in Thailand and Internationally.

Customized medical approach to ensure you get the best care and outcomes.


Medical & Scientific Partnerships

Villa Sukhothai Youth & Health Centre is supported in Stem Cell (MSC) Therapy by Thailand’s finest science and medical research institutions.

Our goal is to deliver you tailor made medicines of the highest quality and safety from the iWellness team and Thailand Institute of Scientific & Technological Research (TISTR).

The iWellness team proven heritage in market leading, robustly tested and screened medicines delivers you a tailor made solution for your condition or health goals.

Our aim is to make you feel better, improve your quality of life and deliver you options of solutions assisting you to overcome your previous health challenges.

Villa Sukhothai’s partnerships with our chosen governmental bodies, Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (TISTR) and the Suranaree University of Technology, ensure you receive the very best in medicine, science and medical solutions at the optimum time, and that our practices and products are safe and fully comply the highest domestic and international standards.

The partnership commitment between Villa Sukhothai, iWellness, Suranaree University and TISTR ensures the finest science and medical minds access your condition and deliver you with the complete solution. The combination allows access to a labyrinth of cutting edge technology and equipment to develop tailor made medicines specifically for you. As humans we are all different, so your medical solutions also need to be.

Our international team offers global research experience, international medical training and this ensures progressive thinking to further develop medical solutions for the future whatever your needs may be.


Partners at Villa Sukhothai Youth & Health Center
Thomas Petermoeller Partner

Thomas Petermoeller

Peter Van Vooren Partner

Peter Van Vooren



Dr. Hongthai Tan

Dr. Hongthai Tan


Lead Physicians & Lead Stem Cell Scientists

Dr.Gerald Tur +

Dr. Gerald Tur

Head Diagnosis Physician
Dr.Rawee Yosaengrat +

Dr. Rawee Yosaengrat

Head Physician
Dr.Ruchee Phonchai +

Dr. Ruchee Phonchai

Lead Stem Cell Scientist
Asst. Prof. Parinya Noisa +

Asst. Prof. Parinya Noisa

Lead Stem Cell Scientist